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For Private Investigators, the P.I. Museum online experience is an affordable way to become informed, educated and entertained about your profession.  The non-professional is free to pretend to be a “Sleuth” and to virtually “live” the life of their favorite Super Spy, fictional Detective or Private Eye.

We invite you to partner with the P.I. Museum.  You can do this through your financial contributions in support of the museum’s vision.  Of course, we’re always looking for items to add to the collection as well.  Think about what’s out there right now just waiting to be discovered and preserved for the future.  Contact the museum if you think you have some item of potential historical value.

Members of the P.I. Museum will find themselves in a colorful, virtual playland of detectives, spies and private eyes.  There they can review the history of private investigators over the last several hundred years.

Supporting members of the P.I. Museum are uniquely positioned to take advantage of various online options to place their business name, product or service before the museum’s many visitors, who are all potential clients.

Yes, I want to take advantage of your offer and join as a Life Charter Founder’s Circle Member.  I’m in support of P.I. Museum’s efforts to locate, acquire, preserve and share P.I. History and I also support it’s worthy projects like the current 2011-2012 P.I. Museum On Wheels USA Tour.

$25.00 Individual

$250.00 Pinkerton

$500.00 Duffy

$1,000.00 Vidocq

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P.I. Museum, Inc. is a California not-for-profit public benefit corporation and an IRS 501(c)(3).

All donations are tax deductible.